Mobile learning in smart factories

Mobile learning in smart factories

With Mobile Learning in Smart Factories (MLS) from the mechanical engineering foundation, a training platform is now available for dual training. The platform is also suitable for the project-related teaching materials from Stern Didactic.

The dual training is certainly a unique selling point, which sets Germany apart from the non-European training systems in particular. In the age of digital transformation, however, our training system is being put to the test. Training is a cost factor for a company and is therefore inevitably and permanently offset by an increase in productivity. So the question arises as to how more training can be ensured with the same or even better quality with less personnel expenditure.

MLS is a tool for increasing the efficiency of training. With the option of creating your own tasks and then assigning them to trainees, the work done by the trainee is not only plannable but also traceable. Targeted communication and training will be easier and more targeted than ever before.

The open structure of the platform makes it possible to link the content of third parties. Existing providers of teaching materials such as well-known specialist book publishers or, now, also the project-related teaching materials from Stern Didactic enable interdisciplinary cooperation and a fusion of theoretical and practical content. The focus is on the networking of the content, which means that an individual training strategy tailored to the training company can be implemented. 

To be more specific, I would like to take a look at the platform and the "racing car" project: 


In addition to the text editing options, 3D content can also be integrated in the task window, which makes technical communication easier. In addition, videos or specialist books can be linked to the respective task, so that the task offers a broad media spectrum. This allows different types of learners to be addressed individually. 

It makes sense for the trainee to have their own digital device in order to obtain the necessary information and to record the progress of their own tasks.

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